MCB-UJ Bioinformatics

About us

The MaƂopolska Center of Biotechnology bioinformatics research groups are focused on analyzing and interpreting large sets of biological data in various projects. The scope of these projects cover aspects such as next generation sequence analysis, Structural and functional bioinformatics, Transcriptomics, genomics of infectious microbes, Microbiome and metagenomics studies.

Research groups at MCB

Pawel Lab

We are interested in pushing the state of the art in functional genomics, aiming to elucidate the role of the thousands of genes and gene products that are still not exhaustively characterized.

Tomasz Lab

We develop computational methods to understand the functions of the human microbiome. Our work involves method development to predict the structures, functions, and interactions of microbial proteins on a genomic scale.

Mostowy Lab

We are an interdisciplinary scientific research group working on microbial genomics. We learn from bacterial evolution to help design better medical interventions.


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Selected publications

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